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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  February 28, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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shop at ♪ >> another round of rain and possible thunderstorms tonight. this is a live look from our exploratorium camera and you can see clouds over the san francisco skyline. while all of this rain is putting a dent in the drought, it is leaving behind some serious damage, car crashes during today's commute. it brought down large trees and the storm surge even blew a hole in the driveway. more on that in a moment. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson is off. we have live team coverage starting with spencer christian on the roof of the abc7 news broadcast center. how does the storm look on live doppler hd. >> we have stormy weather scatter ited around. scattered around. the winds started gusting and my umbrella is out of my hands. we have rain moving out to the north bay right
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now, but let's skip over to the sacramento valley. we had a funnel cloud sighted and there there was a tornado warning out. it has expired. no tornado touched down. back to the north bay, we have showers moving to parts of sonoma county and it looks like there could be some locally heavy downpours in there. lots of moisture off shore into the santa cruz mountain region. here is a look at the big storm that is generating the stormy weather including thunderstorms as you can see out to sea. let's look at the rainfall totals. they have been generous. over an inch as san francisco, airfield, almost an inch at san jose. as we start our forecast animation, thunderstorms are poised offshore and some could move inland over the next couple hours. they will be isolated and not widespread. by midmorning tomorrow and by midday we will see the system falling apart and the rain will be moving to the south and partly sunny clouds in the
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afternoon. what a is next? i will give uh look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, spencer. the oversaturated ground could not keep a tree from top lig over. it blocked mountain view avenue until our crew got out a chain saw and cleared it away. it fell from the yard of a homeowner who said he is glad it fell away from his home. >> i was sitting here and started hearing branches. that's always a bad sign. then i heard more and some big branches and then there was a room. >> down it came. crews estimate the tree was about 200 feet tall. it was big. despite that tree and any other problems in the north bay the storm is bringing welcome news there as well. cornell bernard is live in sannen sell mow with that story. cornell? >> what a difference a mont makes. the water situation is looking brighter thanks to recent
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storms, and it is raining right now. the creek is moving very swiftly tonight. last january it was barely a trickle. wait until you see the reservoirs. rain slicked streets greeted drivers and a closer look shows there is a lot of water rushing through marin county. much of it is moving downhill side streams. but it is nothing compared to this. an astounding amount of water is spilling into alpine lake which is now completely full. last month marin's water supply was looking downright desperate. >> the water situation we were in is better than it was one month ago. we had 20 inches of rain in the month of february. our average is nine. >> she says that is not a record, but it is the most rain they have seen over one month in 20 years. >> it is amazing. i am glad the rains finally came. >> they came up from fairfax to check out the reservoirs
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spilling over. >> what do you think about the water up there? >> i think it is quite amazing. >> he is not kidding. this was the reservoir last december looking more like a desert. since then marin's water supply has gone from 40% to 70% of normal. >> does this mean the drought situation is over here in marin at least? >> well, we are still asking our customers to voluntarily cut back their water use by 25%. >> water officials will reassess their water needs in april, but for now, they are thankful for a new supply. in marin county, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> the rain wreaked havoc on the commute. this is highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains where the drivers had to deal with very slick roads. this ford focus slid off the road and rolled. tow trucks were called into right this car, and this bmw lost control and slammed into the guardrail. chp officers had to shutdown
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lanes while they moved that car off the highway. and along the san mateo county coastline, the weather produced a wild scene we want to show you on video. alan wang is live in pacifica with that. alan, how fishermen are dealing with the wind and the rain. >> dan, right now we have a light wind out here, and the high surf advisory started at 8:00. we have yet to see any huge breakers out here. ifif you look over the sea wall you can see the tide is just beginning to touch the wall, but it is expected to get much bigger with 15 to 20-foot breakers along the coast from pacifica to big sur. that's where we could see strong rip tides and sneaker waves that can take people and pets out to sea. local crabbers say the high sea is already affecting their catch. >> the surf is really big right now, it is kind of -- not catching crabs in the front. that's why all of them are all the way out there.
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>> he caught six very nice looking crabs, but he had to go to the far end of the pacifica pier to get out of the breakers. speaking of breakers, look at what is happening in santa cruz. apparently the waves have broken through part of this foundation creating a blow hole in the driveway. the homeowners say they have had a problem with water getting in the house and it sounds like a bowling alley in there. this home is across the street from a popular place called sunny cove. tonight it has become a spectacle with the crowds gathering around just to see how high the guiser will shoot-out of this poor guy's driveway. the question now is whether or not his homeowner's insurance policy covers blow holes. this high surf advisory lasts until tomorrow afternoon. reporting live in pacifica, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, i have been doing this a longtime and so have you. i have never seen a picture quite like that. >> pretty scary. >> wild stuff. thanks, alan.
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well, the storm is dumping snow in the sierra. here is interstate 80 a short time ago. drivers are being told to chain up east of baxter. you will need chains if you are heading to tahoe on highway 52. on 50 too. you can track the rain using live dop her 7hd on our weather app. it comes in handy. you can download it on now to southern california where rivers of mud flowing off barren hill sides have caused mandatory evacuations of several hundred homes near the san gabriel mountains. they have had a recent wildfire and with no vegetation to hold back the soil, the heavy rain, as much as eight inches, is carrying a lot of debris down the hillside. a 36-year-old man is recovering after being struck by lightning in fresno county. the man who was looking for work was found unresponsive this morning. the man had injuries
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consistent with being hit by lightning including having exit wounds on his feet. new at 11:00, thieves made off with $400,000 in jewels in san carlos today. it happened outside jeffrey's jewelry store on walnut street just before 6:00 p.m. again it was in san carlos. police say the victim was in town for a jewel show. four men robbed him of the jewels and got away in an suv. the man was not hurt. police arrested four men suspect testified murdering a 16-year-old fairfield girl. the men were booked on murder and criminal conspiracy charges. two of them were already in custody on separate drug and weapons charges. yow me rojas -- naiomi rojas was found shot to death behind her home on phoenix drive. they do not believe she was the target of the shooters ?ai four men are in jail on weapons charges.
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as we first reported on twitter, at least seven shots were fired at this black suv which was traveling westbound on 580. the chp shutdown a portion looking for clues and shell casings and it caused a massive traffic jam. when the suspects were arrested they found a lot of stolen weapons. road rage has been given as the apparent cause of this shooting. there will not be any advanced placement testing this may at a millbrae high school. they got into trouble for the way it administered ap exams. the college board de certified mills high school this week. last week 224 students had their ap test results tossed out because the school let students sit facing each other during these exams. that is a violation of testing rules. if you drive the golden gate bridge you will have to fork over another dollar starting april 7th. those with ad fast -- those
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with fast track will pay 6 and those without $7. it will go up 25 cents a year in 2018. the bridge district is trying to cover a $142 million budget deficit. a lot more to come. we are tracking the storm. another bout of rain hitting the area. details of the possibility of thunderstorms. >> i am live on the red carpet at the academy awards in l.a. it has been a wild weather ride here today under the big top. rain highlights and oscar preps coming up next. >> thanks. an undieing love. the promise he made to his young bride after learning he had only six months to live. abc7 news continues in a moment. stay with us.
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the oscars are on sunday on abc7. they were a little worried about the weather down there too, but for the most part it is about the excitement of hollywood's biggest night. katie is in l.a. covering the academy awards for us all weekend. katie, it has to be a fun assignment. >> hey there, dan. right now i have the red carpet all to myself. look down this way if you can.
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it is particularly deserted which is awesome, but the rain has left us alone at this point. if you pan down, you can see the plastic. that is on top of the red carpet. that's because of all of the wild weather here. we were in thissent it a few -- we were in this tent a few hours ago. it was a doozy of a downpour. it is mother nature versus oscar in l.a. only a thin layer of plastic protects the red carpet from the rain, and during the heaviest downpours, the crews race to keep water from pooling on the tent just in tent oscar is wearing a gold rain coat. let's talk movie. >> i am excited. >> "gravity" and" american hustle" have 10 nominations followed by 12 years a slave with nine. "captain philips"" dallas buyers club" "and "the wolf of wall street"." >> i would give the edge to 12
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years a slave. you can't look past "gravity." >> ellen degeneres is returning for a second time. >> a lot of people are asking what i will be wearing? the question is what will i not bewaring. >> she is funny and doesn't take cheap shots at actors. >> and there are surprise. >> maybe there will be dancing. who knows? >> let's get down to the knity gritty. wolfgang puck is doing the food for the governor's ball. he describes it as a royal feast. to wash it it down more than 1300 bottles of champagne. live in l.a. on the red carpet, abc7 news. >> the toast of hollywood. thanks, katie. looking forward to your reports all weekend. abc7 is the only place you can see the oscars. coverage at 2:00 p.m. visit and click on on count down to oscar sunday to get a ballot in the my pick section. oscar sunday is this sunday
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here on abc7. new at 11:00, apple wants to change the way we drive. the cupertino-based company will put its first in car operating system into some pretty nice vehicles, mercedes-benz, volvo and ferrari. drivers can use apple maps for navigations and listen to music and watch films with itunes. apple hopes it will help get a leg up in the race to dominate tomorrow's smart cars. the story of a british man with terminal cancer who dedicated his last months of life to making his girlfriend's dreams come true is going viral tonight. doctors gave 26-year-old chris price of wails just six months to live. right away he proposed to the love of his life. they quicklyied with and he granted his bride's wishes. he took them to disneyland paris and then to new york foresight seeing and some shopping. they booked another trip to las vegas, but sadly, they ran out of time. chris died in his wife's arms.
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his funeral was held in the sahurch where they got married. he said if my love could have saved him he would have forever. his illness made him live completely in the moment and he taught me to do the same. very touching story. that's really moving. spencer is on the roof and there is another round of rain coming in. >> we may have several rounds of rain coming through during the overnight hours. here is live doppler 7hd. you can see that we have a lot of shower activity just offshore. getting ready to move on shore. up in the north bay some has moved on shore already. parts of western sonoma county and southward to marin county. a nice line of showers locally heavy in some spots there. and we can see more showers moving up across the peninsula and the south bay and the santa cruz mountains and a lot half shore that will likely produce waves of showers in the overnight hours. here is a live view from
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emeryville looking across the west bay. readings are in the mid to low 50s. san jose and los gatos and only 3 degrees separating those places. looking out over san francisco from sutro tower. a plane looks like it is about to land perhaps in oakland. 52 in santa rosa and mid50sin fap paw, san rafael and concord and livermore. another live view from the rooftop camera looking across the embarcadero. there is rain in the air. showers and maybe a couple of thunderstorms. sunny breaks tomorrow afternoon and mild tomorrow. a slight chance of more showers moving in on sunday afternoon. here is the satellite radar composite image showing the powerful storm offshore that keeps generating heavy rain toward the central coast. now it is moving down toward southern california. it will take us down toward los angeles tomorrow and sunday.
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from southern monterey bay southward, flash flood watch remains in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning as more heavy rain is expected to pound this region during the overnight hours. and as we shift our focus back north, along the coast all the way down to the monterey bay, we have a high surf advisory iny fejt -- in effect. there is concern about rip currents and sneaker waves. how much more waves will we get on top of what we already had? between now and 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, perhaps up to half an inch in the north bay mountains and three quarters of an inch over the south bay mountains and probably more than a quarter of an inch in the lower elevations. showery conditions and we will be in the low 50s. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon after the morning showers will reach into the midto upper 60s. here is the seven-day forecast. maybe a few more showers late sunday and mostly cloudy on monday and tuesday and a chance of rain next wednesday and thursday. we are in an active and partly
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wet weather pattern and that's good news. we need it. >> it sure is good news. we need it badly. larry beil is here to talk about sports. warriors on the east coast. >> yes, new york. steph curry did not go for 50 again. it is what else he did that lead to a blowout. speaking of stars on the big stage, who was on kimmel tonight? >> here is a sample of what we have in store for tonight. we shot the video and kate hanson posted it from her account and a media frenzy was born. attention monster taco fans!
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he was watching a warriors blowout in madison square garden. star versus star. steph versus melo. stetsons a start with the distributor hooping to voget. we call that the thunder from down under. he finished with a triple-double. 11 assists and 11 boards. a healthy o'neil, a huge boost and a huge slam, with authority. a sweet reverse. warriors had 73 points at the half. the knicks were hacking each other there. blowout alert. blowout alert. a little pushoff and gets the rebound and he dunks. warriors and look at klay thompson all over carmelo anthony and then is rewarded at the other end. he had 25 points and warriors roll 126-103. the sabres suited up their video guy. they traded ryan miller and needed a back up goalie. they were the worst team in the league, but you wouldn't
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know it. it is 1-0 sabres. the second period and shepherd here on the rebound and between the legs and that ties it up. to the third and off the faceoff, brian flynn and it is 2-1 sabres. meyers in the slot. sharks lose it 4-2. did major league baseball conspire against eric soguard? that's next.
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when we went to sleep last night, eric sogard was on the
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way to winning the twitter contest, and then we wake up and david wright eked out a win. or, it was a conspiracy of the the voting closed at 8:00 a.m. eastern. the a's second base man was in the front until the final 15 minutes of voting. either 24,000 new yorkers woke up and grabbed their coffee and ran to the tweeter as jim harbaugh would say to vote for the mets' third base man or mlb decided they could not let a relative unknown win this contest. you decide. i say they stole it from sogard. the a's over came their anguish to beat the giants in the cactus league 7-6. norris with a homer for the a's. two score less and striking out davis. vogel song with his first of the season. it goes to buster posey for the tag. this gay has overcome mullet -- this guy has
12:00 am
overcome multiple surgeries. he can hit. the giants beat the brew crew 4-3. finally the nba has asked lebron james to stop wearing his black mask he is using to protect his broken nose. the league wants a clear mask. why? i don't know. they won't say. if he wants to look like hannibal lecter who has a problem with that? free lebron! abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. i would love to wear that mask. >> he is already intimidating enough. >> and management wants me to wear a mask i think. >> at least a bag. >> something. >> thanks, larry. well, abc7 is the only place where you can see the oscars live this sunday. we are giving away free movie tickets through our facebook page to celebrate the academy awards. there will be seven winners in all. today it is joanne l from san mateo. you have three more chances to win. just enter --


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